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Storage Containers, Shipping Containers and more . . .

Storage Containers Services

Storage Containers

  • Used as outside storage sheds
  • Used as portable storage buildings
  • More cost effective than outdoor storage sheds
  • Designed to withstand all the elements
    of Mother Nature
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Shipping Containers 101

Shipping Containers

  • Available in various lengths
  • Easily modified to meet your needs
  • Portable, mobile, self enclosed, rarely needs to be permitted
  • We make placement and delivery of shipping containers a breeze
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Refrigerated Containers


  • Refrigerated Containers
  • Flatracks
  • Intermodal Chassis Units
  • Gensets & Power Packs
  • Reach Stackers


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What we do

E & S Equipment Sales specializes in the Intermodal Equipment Supply market. We provide quality services and competitive pricing on shipping containers that are used both in the ocean cargo industry as well as the portable storage container market. Family owned and operated with over 30 years in the container cargo industry, we have the knowledge and tools to provide you with the optimal choice to fulfill your container or storage needs.

Why a storage container?

Storage containers are the simplest and most cost effective means of achieving your storage needs. Used as outside storage sheds or portable storage buildings, storage containers are water resistant, designed to withstand all the elements of Mother Nature, inclusive of destructive hurricane force winds that outdoor storage sheds or metal buildings simply cannot withstand. The next time you are at your local department store, that item you are purchasing most likely came over inside a shipping container. If the ocean cargo industry relies solely on shipping containers to safely transport cargo, why shouldn’t you rely on a storage container for your storage needs? We all need additional safe storage, why struggle with this dilemma? Why pay the high price for outdoor storage sheds, when a storage container or conex container is more cost effective. Simply contact us, allow us to assist you with your storage needs.

How we earn your business

E & S Equipment has 14 depot locations to serve you, along with our own transports to deliver our storage containers for sale directly to your location. Be it a business, agriculture property, construction site, or personal property, we have the tools to get the shipping containers you desire to the location you desire. With competitive pricing, helpful employees, and impeccable customer service, we pride ourselves in being your primary source for all your storage needs. Why struggle and haggle with brokers when you can simply call us. Your shipping container purchase should be easy, contact us today and make your shipping container purchase easy and trouble free. Don’t go through the hassle of purchasing flimsy outdoor storage sheds. We have a huge inventory of shipping containers and storage containers for sale (often called a conex container), ready to fulfill all your storage needs.