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Category: Storage Containers

RENOVATING? Then you need a storage container!

Remodeling a home or a business can be daunting. The thought of moving furniture and furnishings from one room to another or covering them up while renovations are taking place almost makes you want to quit before you start! That’s where the practicality of storage containers come in! Having a secure place to store your … Continue reading "RENOVATING? Then you need a storage container!"

Get ready for Camp Season!! – Storage Containers for outdoor equipment storage!

Summer is around the corner and E & S Equipment Sales has had many campsites and organizations use shipping containers for equipment storage. You’ll get wind, rain and pest protection for your kayaks, tents, sporting goods, BBQ’s, life jackets, coolers, 4-wheelers and so much more! Shipping Containers can be easily locked with a padlock or … Continue reading "Get ready for Camp Season!! – Storage Containers for outdoor equipment storage!"

Modifications to Containers to meet customers needs

Not too many container sales companies offer modifications to their customers. But we do! E & S has modified containers to include doors, windows, a/c units, rooftop vents, roll-up doors and electric boxes. We even have shelving units that hang perfectly inside the containers and make your workshop complete!

Open Side and Double Door Shipping Containers

Open side containers and double door shipping containers are a great alternative for those consumers looking for extra access into their shipping containers. These storage containers can only be purchased new as very few used open side cargo containers exist in the marketplace. Open side shipping containers come in 20ft and 40ft lengths and can … Continue reading "Open Side and Double Door Shipping Containers"

Extra storage for auto body parts!

The automotive industry uses outdoor storage containers for parts and auto body overstock. We’ve had the pleasure of providing containers to several Chevrolet and GMC dealerships. Containers can be easily placed next to or within service bays for easy access. There’s never a need to worry about security with our containers. They can be easily … Continue reading "Extra storage for auto body parts!"

Better than a store-bought shed or building!

A 20’ container is the perfect alternative to a garage or shed. Why? First and most important, it’s less expensive than most sheds or outdoor structures of the same size. Storage containers don’t need to be strapped to the ground as they weigh 4600 lbs! Can you say STURDY!! Doors secure tightly and padlocks can … Continue reading "Better than a store-bought shed or building!"

Cargo Shipping Containers are a great addition to your home site!

We have countless homeowners purchasing our cargo/storage containers! The uses are endless! Extra household storage, landscape equipment, temporary storage for remodel projects, extra garage or shop area and address relocation are just a few of the many reasons homeowners and landowners find steel cargo containers better than a shed! No need to strap down, these … Continue reading "Cargo Shipping Containers are a great addition to your home site!"

Steel Storage Containers Are Extremely Useful in the Construction Industry!

Not only does E & S sell storage containers but we rent them as well for onsite storage of equipment at construction sites. They come in 20, 40 and 45 foot lengths and are all cargo worthy which means they are 100% water tight. They do not need to be tied down and can easily … Continue reading "Steel Storage Containers Are Extremely Useful in the Construction Industry!"

Steel Storage Containers Find Many Uses in the Agricultural Industry!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with bee farmers and shrimp farms in Florida, peanut farmers in Georgia and cattle farmers in Alabama among dozens of others. What’s great about using steel containers vs. wooden structures is that steel containers are pest and rodent proof which is great for the storage of hay and feed.