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E & S Equipment Sales truly wants you to be able to own your own shipping container.  We have provided 2 more viable options to get you one step closer to owning a great, functional and practical storage solution!


You make low monthly rental payments and at the end of the term YOU own the container!   

The BENEFITS include:

There is NO CREDIT CHECK! It’s a point based approval system.

Approvals in hours!

12 – 24 – 36 – 48 Monthly payment terms.  Choose the payment you feel comfortable with!

Down payment is ONLY 2 months rent!

One-time early payoff discount available!  Which means if you have the capability to pay the container off early you can with NO PENALTY and a reduced payoff! 


E & S Equipment has partnered with a local bank that will provide 24-month financing for shipping containers. 

The BENEFITS include:

Current interest rate under 10.0%

Personal loan term is 24 months and is an unsecured loan

Typical turnaround time from application to closing is a quick 48-72 hours

No APPLICATION! Just a Personal Financial Statement form and a credit check.

No prepayment penalty!

NO down payment, just a Low 1-time bank processing fee of $140.

And as always, E & S Equipment Sales accepts ALL major credit cards, company checks, electronic payments and cash.  We truly want to make it EASY for you to be the proud owner of a durable and long lasting storage solution!