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Individual Containers

Individual & Residential Shipping Container Uses

Shipping containers are the go-to storage choice of many people across the country. Whether it’s their ability to act as a permanent or temporary storage solution, or the fact that a shipping container provides a quick, flexible, secure, and weatherproof option, the sky is the limit with our containers and our customers know it.

Our individual residential customers love our service!

With 30+ years of experience in the ocean cargo industry providing steel shipping containers to meet the on-site storage needs of individuals, E&S Equipment has become the most trusted name in the industry. Offering the best prices on quality shipping and storage containers, and including innovative solutions, in-house transportation and impeccable customer service, it’s no wonder we’re the top choice when searching for a container supplier near you.

Whether your needs are for a new container or a quality used container, we can supply, modify and deliver your container to your site. Our customers use our containers as a garage, shed, man cave, barn, bug out room, bunker, tack room, shelter, workshop, food pantry and many other creative uses.

Don’t hassle with a broker, questionable products, or an inexperienced or sketchy transporter. Contact Us today for a list of inventory at a E&S location near you and see why we earn customers for life.


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