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E & S Equipment Sales is experiencing an uptick in business selling containers to individuals purchasing land.  There is a strong migration in the works of people moving from crowded cities and suburban areas to agricultural properties and/or properties with lots of acreage, space, peace and quiet.  In some cases, individuals are staying in their same general area.  But more often than not, we are seeing people selling their suburban homes and moving hours away for a complete lifestyle change.  E & S is hearing stories of “giving up the city life for the country life” quite often.
These customers are using shipping containers to store any number of things on the land they have purchased.  Items such as equipment for land improvements and contents of the home they are leaving/selling seem to be the number 1 and 2 reasons for purchasing a shipping container.  The monthly fees from renting space at storage facilities quickly add up and moving heavy household items twice is a complaint customers have when considering storage facilities.  Owning a shipping container just makes more sense financially and logistically especially since our quality containers will provide years of accessible storage.