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Customers can be SO creative! We are always amazed at the uses people and businesses find for our storage containers. Shipping containers aren’t just for storage anymore, and they’re not just used to ship cargo worldwide. Containers can house workshops, kennels and kilns, be a substitute for greenhouses, portable offices, and brick/mortar restaurants and are currently the rage for tiny container homes!

E&S Equipment Storage ContainersOne of the most innovative customers we’ve had recently was a fireworks entrepreneur. Instead of having one permanent location in which to sell fireworks, he created a mobile fireworks storefront and he brought his business TO his customers! He purchased an open side container from us and did some minor storefront modifications. It’s remarkable the ingenuity people have!

The saying goes, “think outside the box”. In the shipping container world, we say “think INSIDE the box” because it truly is what’s inside that counts!